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's anti-gun record explained:

Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

supported Texas' so-called "Second Amendment Sanctuary" law in 2021, giving Texas the authority to push back against ANY unconstitutional gun control passed by the Biden administration.1

As expected Joe Biden worked with Republicans like John Cornyn last summer to pass the "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act," which Biden referred to as "the most significant gun [control] legislation to pass Congress in 30 years."2

Sadly, when went back to Austin this session, Phelan's House voted to pass SB 728 to bring state law into line with part of Biden's gun control law by dumping millions of Texans' records into the flawed NICS Gun Ban Registry - instead of allowing Texas to exercise its new authority under the Second Amendment Sanctuary law.3

only plays lip service to the Second Amendment when it makes look good -- but will NOT actually fight back against the Federal Government when given the opportunity.


1HB 2622, 87th Regular Session

2The White House

3SB 728, 88th Regular Session

Empowering Anti-Gun Democrats

In 2023, Dade Phelan created a gun control committee with 7 Republicans and 6 Democrats to consider gun related bills in the Texas House.

The Vice Chairman of the committee (Jarvis Johnson) and 3 other Democrats were endorsed by Bloomberg-backed gun control groups, including Joe Moody, the author of the "red flag" gun confiscation bill for the past three legislative sessions.

Two of the Republicans on the committee -- Justin Holland and Sam Harless -- joined with Democrats to advance a bill to restrict law-abiding adults between the age of 18-20 from purchasing or posessing certain rifles.

Dade Phelan's committee appointments allowed anti-gun liberals to KILL the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 5153) and KILL the bill to ban "red flag" gun confiscation laws in Texas (HB 1894)!

Watering down Constitutional Carry

The NRA gives Dade Phelan credit for passing Constitutional Carry, but they won't tell you that he also let the House water it down before passing it by:

Dade Phelan helped create a confusing patchwork of gun laws that could accidentally trip up otherwise law-abiding gun owners.


4HB 1927, Amendment 21

5HB 1927, Amendment 6

6HB 1927, Amendment 18

Orchestrated the impeachment of America's most pro-gun Attorney General, Ken Paxton!

The Texas House "ran out of time" to pass many pro-gun reforms like the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) and a ban on "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation, but it found the time to conduct a sham impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton during the final days of the 2023 legislative session... conveniently after Paxton publicly called out Speaker Phelan for being drunk on the House floor!

The Texas Gag Act

In 2023, teamed up with anti-gun Democrats to silence the grassroots by voting to hide liberal anti-gun record from YOU. 7

This First Amendment shredding legislation, better known as the Texas Gag Act, would've forced groups like Texas Gun Rights to release their entire list of membership records and donors if they dared to talk about the voting record of a politician!

Most hard-working Texans, just like you, simply don't have the time to go knocking on doors, make phone calls, or engage in issue advocacy during the work week. That's why you support a group like TXGR -- to be your voice!

But forcing groups like TXGR to disclose donors, just for talking about a politician's voting record, is like painting a bullseye on YOUR back in this "cancel culture" era.

Imagine every office busybody and every local antifa activist knowing you donated to a gun rights organization, or other conservative causes?

NOT good!

This would have a chilling effect on free speech for you... and remove ALL accountability for your elected officials.

Thankfully the Texas Gag Act was killed in the Senate after joined Democrats to pass it out of the Texas House.


7HB 1585, 88th Regular Session

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